These Are The Pups That Top The List Of Smartest Dog Breeds

Gordon Setter: Royal breed from Scotland and England, known for reliability, memory, and hunting skills. Stands 23-27 inches tall.

Welsh Terrier: Decisive hunters, loyal and protective with proper training. Height around 20 pounds.

Old English Sheepdog: Sociable, good-natured watchdogs thriving on companionship. Height unspecified.

English Springer Spaniel: Athletic, obedient "gun dogs" perfect for outdoor activities. Height not provided.

Belgian Tervuren: Independent and intelligent, requires proper training to channel its skills. Height unspecified.

Golden Retriever: Fourth smartest breed, excelling in obedience and work. Ideal for various roles including search and rescue. Height unspecified.

Bernese Mountain Dog: Sensitive yet trainable, strong and adept at herding. Height unspecified.

Bloodhound: Superior hunters led by scent, may exhibit stubbornness. Height unspecified.