These Are The Healthiest Dog Breeds

Keeshond: Sensible and Companion-Oriented - Quieter than most spitz breeds, Keeshonds need constant companionship and moderate exercise for their lively nature.

Samoyed: Affectionate Yet Vocal - Dependable and fluffy, Samoyeds bark a lot due to their herding instincts, requiring outdoor play and leash walks.

Jack Russell Terrier: Intense and Determined - Small but intense, Jack Russells need moderate exercise and mental stimulation to channel their high prey drive.

Beagle: Rugged and Friendly - Easy to care for, Beagles require moderate exercise but tend to wander off if not kept on leash due to their curiosity.

Cairn Terrier: Spirited with Moderate Needs - Hardy yet bossy if not trained, Cairn Terriers need moderate exercise and socialization for their bold nature.

Toy Poodles: Active and Intelligent - Small yet active, Toy Poodles thrive with mental stimulation and plenty of activity, suited for active families.

Schnauzers: Serious and Aloof Problem Solvers - Schnauzers need extensive socialization and mental exercises to prevent destructive behaviors, suited for dedicated owners.

Bedlington Terrier: Graceful with Moderate Energy - Athletic and graceful, Bedlington Terriers need daily exercise and socialization for their moderate energy levels.