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Lose 10 pounds in a month with the help of this healthy eating plan

Combine the pancake mix cinnamon and wheat germ in a small bowl add the dry ingredients to the oat mixture slowly applecinnamon oatmeal pancakes

Make an english muffin toast place one slice of lean uncured ham an egg some american cheese and some salt and black pepper on one side ham egg and cheese sandwich

Apply some nonstick spray to a big pan then add the onion pepper and mushrooms sauté for five minutes add four cups of baby spinach and cook for one minute mushroom and spinach strata

Lower the heat and prepare the oats as instructed on the box add ground ginger ground flaxseeds and honey on top warm honey oats

Shape into a patty and fry over medium heat with 1 tsp canola oil until golden brown on both sides accompany with half a pink grapefruit veggie patty with applechicken sausage

Combine peanut butter lime juice sesame oil brown sugar rice vinegar red pepper flakes and sea salt in a whisking motion combine noodles shrimp and veggies with cilantro scallions and sprouts spicy shrimp noodle salad

Brown rice should be cooked as directed on the box using lowsodium chicken stock that has been seasoned with onion cumin chili powder and salt veggie burger rice and beans