Items From The 80S That Can Fetch A Fortune Today - Pondview Landscape

Items from the 80s that can fetch a fortune today

Garbage pail kids cards these cards can fetch big bucks the adam bomb card sold for over 4000 some are up for auction with bids in the hundreds

Laser light skeletor rare laser light skeletor figures are valued at over 10000 released only in italy and spain scarcity drives up the price

Air raid video game by atari got an old air raid game its worth over 30000 now only two boxed copies are known to exist making it super rare

Thundercats liono action figure a mintcondition liono figure can earn you over 2000 in 2015 one sold for nearly 2800

American girl dolls original 1986 dolls can fetch thousands if complete with accessories samantha doll alone sold for 4200

Star wars ewok combat playpack sealed ewok combat playpacks now worth around 6000 dont miss out on cashing in on star wars fever

Astronaut b pez dispenser only two made for 1982 worlds fair sold for 32000 each in 2006 imagine owning one

U2 all i want is you purple vinyl album boxed set rare aussie release from 1989 valued at nearly 4000 check your local vinyl store