Foods That Can Aid In Artery Clearance

Quinoa: Complete protein & antioxidants in quinoa reduce heart disease risk by lowering cholesterol & supporting arterial health.

Barley: Beta-glucan fiber in barley lowers cholesterol, maintaining clear arteries & reducing the risk of heart disease.

Walnuts: Omega-3s in walnuts improve arterial health, lowering blood pressure & reducing inflammation for a healthy heart.

Garlic: Allicin in garlic lowers blood pressure & cholesterol, improving arterial elasticity & reducing heart disease risk.: Omega-3s & fiber in flaxseeds lower cholesterol & inflammation, promoting clear arteries & heart health.

Chia Seeds: Omega-3s & fiber in chia seeds reduce blood pressure & cholesterol, supporting healthy arteries & heart function.

Avocados: Monounsaturated fats & potassium in avocados lower LDL cholesterol & blood pressure, supporting arterial health.

Salmon: Omega-3s in salmon reduce inflammation & plaque buildup, improving arterial health & reducing heart disease risk.

Olive Oil: Monounsaturated fats & antioxidants in olive oil protect arteries from damage, lowering heart disease risk.