Best Low-impact Cardio Exercises For Weight Loss

Swimming: Low-impact total-body workout, improves endurance. Aim for 20-30 min, 2-3 times/week. Increase intensity over time.

Biking: Joint-friendly, builds conditioning. Ride 3 times/week, 30-45 min each session, indoors or outdoors.

Treadmill Hike: Boosts heart rate, relieves back pressure. Walk at 10-15% incline, 3 times/week, 30 min.

Rucking: Strengthen muscles, and protect lower back. Wear a weighted backpack or vest, and walk outdoors. Avoid running with weight.

Jump Rope: Great cardio, easy on joints. Start with 15 min, increase duration or speed over time. Maintain good form.

Ellipticals: Low-impact, reduces joint stress. Try 30-40 min sessions, 2-3 times/week. Increase incline and resistance as you progress.

Rowing Machine: Total-body cardio, gentle on joints. Incorporate into routine for endurance without impact.

Sled Pulls: Strengthens quads, and improves knee health. Use sled with a suspension trainer, walk backward with heavy weight.