American Fauna Seldom Observed By Humans

Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle: Smallest sea turtle, arribadas nesting, threats from bycatch, habitat loss; conservation includes nest protection, international cooperation.

Florida Manatee: Habitat loss, pollution, boat collisions threaten population, conservation efforts ongoing.

Northern Aplomado Falcon: Once extinct in U.S., now <40 left, habitat fragmentation hinders recovery.

San Joaquin Kit Fox: Endangered fox, <7,000 left, threats from habitat loss, fragmentation; conservation strategies include habitat preservation, monitoring.

El Segundo Blue Butterfly: Endangered butterfly, habitat linked to coastal buckwheat; conservation focuses on habitat restoration, protection.

Jaguar: Rare sightings in Southern Arizona, habitat preservation, wildlife corridors key to recovery.

Gila Monster: Venomous lizard, secretive, <5% sightings, threats from illegal pet trade, road mortality.

American Bison: Near extinction, rebounded but face habitat fragmentation, primarily found in protected areas.