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8 tips you should learn before moving to the usa

Apply for your visa there are around 21 different kinds of temporary work visas available in the us the h1b is one of the most popular ones

Get a job in the usa are you trying to find a job that will hire international workers make sure the position is willing to sponsor your work visa at all times

Master the american slang learning a language is a more involved process than simply passing exams and reading englishlanguage literature in class

Explore american cuisine the usa is renowned for its large restaurant servings compared to the 1950s the average fastfood meal is now around four times larger

Familiarize yourself with american holidays the championship game of the national football league nfl becomes a significant cultural occasion its a day for gettogethers festivities and football viewing

Open a bank account in the us opening a bank account often requires providing the bank with certain personal information such as your id proof of residency and an initial deposit

Get a prepaid sim card in the usa obtaining a prepaid sim card is rather simple you may get one at the airport convenience stores or even supermarkets as soon as you arrive in the united states

Embrace musthave apps for immigrants when youre adjusting to significant life changes or new challenges mobile applications may be quite helpful consider eventbrite which is excellent for seeing local events