8 Sidewalk Landscaping Ideas For Your Front Yard - Junk Away Services

8 sidewalk landscaping ideas for your front yard

Use layers in the garden utilize plants of different heights to create depth combine lowgrowing flowers with taller ones for visual interest 1

Create interest with curves incorporate flowing curves in your sidewalk garden for aesthetic appeal use landscape edging to maintain borders 2

Make the most of your space maximize space by selecting tall narrow plants pair them with smaller ones for full blooms 3

Grow a cutting garden plant cut flowers like foxgloves and roses add charm with landscape accents like picket fences 4

Decrease your yard maintenance replace grass with rich plantings of ornamentals herbs and vegetables to save time 5

Make your yard feel bigger create the illusion of space with streetside planting and simple color themes 6

Delight passersby with fragrance enhance your garden with fragrant plants like magnolias and roses use mulch for weed control and moisture retention 7

Add easy elegance transform your front yard with lowmaintenance plants like ornamental grasses for a polished look 8