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8 healthy starbucks drinks that taste indulgent

Iced skinny latte made with nonfat milk and sugarfree syrup this drink delivers the creamy texture of a latte without the added calories arrow

Iced matcha green tea latte opt for unsweetened matcha powder and request nonfat milk for a refreshing and antioxidantrich beverage arrow

Cold brew with cold foam choose unsweetened cold brew coffee topped with a light foam made from nonfat milk for a creamy texture without added sugar arrow

Iced coffee with sugarfree syrup customize your iced coffee with a splash of sugarfree syrup for flavor without the guilt arrow

Skinny caramel macchiato request this classic drink with nonfat milk and sugarfree caramel syrup for a sweet treat with fewer calories arrow

Mango dragonfruit refresher with coconut milk swap water for coconut milk in the mango dragonfruit refresher for a tropical and creamy twist without added sugars arrow

Iced passion tango tea with splenda this fruity and refreshing tea can be sweetened with splenda for a guiltfree sip arrow

Strawberry acai refresher with light ice enjoy the fruity flavors of this popular refresher with less ice to maximize the amount of drink you get per serving arrow