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8 biggest cats in the world from large to extraextra large

Eurasian lynx even if its not the largest cat in the world the largest species of lynx can nevertheless intimidate any domestic cat

Cheetah the cheetah is a lean agile predator with a demand for speed that is shared by its five subspecies

Snow leopard due to their whitegrey coats snow leopards are easily distinguished from other large cats they appear larger than they actually are because of how thick it is

Leopard the leopard is larger and more athletic in several aspects a leopards leaping distance can reach up to eighteen feet or roughly three times its body length

Cougar a cougar is the same as a puma or mountain lion despite having many different names

Jaguar with the exception of a tiny population of asiatic lions in western india most lions are found in africa

Bengal tiger one of the largest members of the cat family is the bengal tiger smaller girls are capable of weighing 300 pounds

Siberian tiger siberian tigers and bengal tigers are both enormous but the siberian tiger is the largest known specimen of a tiger