8 Best Exercises For Weight Loss For Women

Jump Rope: Full-body workout for weight loss, engages core and improves cardiovascular health. Start with 60s sets, rest 2 mins, repeat.

Running: Torch visceral fat without equipment. Opt for grass or cushioned surfaces for joint comfort.

Cycling: Low-impact exercise indoors or outdoors. 30 mins at a moderate pace burns calories effectively.

Strength Training: Build lean muscle, and boost metabolism. Combine with cardio for optimal results.

Interval Training: HIIT burns calories effectively. Alternate exercises with rest periods for maximum impact.

Yoga: Enhances posture, flexibility, and weight control. Incorporate recommended poses for weight loss.

Pilates: Beginner-friendly workout for coordination, flexibility, and endurance. Combine with a healthy diet for best results.

Swimming: Fun exercise for fat reduction, flexibility, and overall fitness. Enjoy significant health benefits.