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8 balayage ideas for short hair from rich tones to playful pastels

Sleek caramel hues elevate your short hair with sophisticated caramel balayage tones adding depth and dimension to your locks

Fiery red accents make a statement with vibrant red balayage highlights injecting passion and energy into your short hairstyle

Subtle honey highlights embrace a natural look with soft honey balayage highlights enhancing the warmth and radiance of your short hair

Icy blonde touches achieve a cool and chic style with icy blonde balayage highlights imparting a touch of elegance to your short locks

Bold blue streaks infuse your short hair with playful personality using bold blue balayage streaks adding a pop of color and fun to your look

Gorgeous rose gold tones channel sophistication and glamour with stunning rose gold balayage tones giving your short hair a luxurious shine

Pastel pink flair embrace your playful side with pastel pink balayage highlights creating a whimsical and charming vibe for your short hairstyle

Rich chocolate infusions indulge in decadence with rich chocolate balayage hues lending depth and richness to your short hair for a timeless appeal