Routing Number : Banks in United Sates

A Routing Transit Number (RTN) is a nine digit bank code. It is being used in the United States to identify financial institutions. RTN appears on the bottom left corner of your checks. First set of numbers is your Routing Number. See the image on left side to find the routing number for your bank from the bank cheque.
Usually one routing number is assigned to bank or financial institution. But large multi national banks may have more than one routing number based on state in which you hold your account. The Federal Reserve Banks requires routing number to process Fedwire fund transfers and the ACH network requires them to process electronic funds transfers (Direct deposits / bill payments).

Find your bank Routing Number

Find Routing Number on check

Your bank Routing Number appears on the bottom left corner of your check
Routing Number

When do you need a Routing Number?

Apart from ACH transactions, Routing numbers are used for in situations:
  • Set up a direct deposit
  • Directly salary credit from employer
  • Scheduled bills from your US bank account
  • To make/receive a wire transfer or ACH payment to or from someone in the US
  • Depositing or Check cash at your bank

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