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BSB stands for Bank State Branch. BSB Code is 6 digit number, 2 pairs of 3 digits seperated with hypen "-". BSB numbers are used to identify bank branches within Australia. The first 2 numbers are used to indentify the parent financial institution in Australia. The third number represents the state where bank branch is located. Last 3 numbers represents perticular financial institution branch. BSB number of receiving account is must when transfering money to any thrid party account.

BSB Number definition:
Take an example of BSB number 062-203 assigned to one of the major banks, Commonwealth Bank Of Australia.
  • 06 : All the BSB numbers assigned to Commonwealth Bank Of Australia start with 06
  • 2 : Sydney. Branch is located in Sydney
  • 203 : North Sydney. Specify the branch

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BSB Number format

BSB Code

Where to find my bank BSB Number?

If you have account in any Australian bank, you can find the BSB Number on bank online website. If you are not sure about your bank’s BSB number, call the branch before you initiate any financial transactions.

Banking details provided on are just for reference. Please confirm the information with the bank before using it. is not responsible for financial or any kind of losses.

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