What Is Bank SWIFT Code?

SWIFT Code is a unique identification code for a particular bank and it is a standard format of Bank Identifier Codes (BIC). SWIFT Code is 8 or 11 characters for a bank. If SWIFT Code is 8 character code then it points to the primary branch/office

  • First 4 characters represents bank code.
  • Next 2 characters represents ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code.
  • Next 2 characters represents location code. (letters and digits) (passive participant will have "1" in the second character)
  • Last 3 characters represents branch code. These characters are optional. ('XXX' for primary office)

SWIFT Codes are used for transferring money and messages between banks.

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What is IFSC Code?

IFSC stands Indian Financial System Code. IFSC is an alpha numeric code which uniquely identify bank branch in india. IFSC is code used for various payment system within the country. IFS Code is 11 digit code for a bank branch.

  • First 4 characters represents bank code.
    For Example: One of the IFSC code for ICICI Bank is ICIC0001206. First 4 characters ICIC0001206 represents bank code.
  • The 5th character is a '0' Zero and it's reserved as control character (ICIC0001206)
  • Remaining last 6 characters used to indentiy the bank branch. (ICIC0001206)
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Australia BSB Numbers

BSB stands for Bank State Branch. BSB Code is 6 digit number, 2 pairs of 3 digits seperated with hypen "-". BSB numbers are used to identifies banks and branches within Australia. more...
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What is Routing Number?

A Routing Transit Number (RTN) is a nine digit bank code. It is being used in the United States. RTN appears on the bottom left corner of your checks. First set of numbers is your Routing Number.
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UK Bank Address

  • Bank Branch Address
  • Bank Branch Contact Number
  • Bank Branch Pin Code
  • Bank Branch Opening & Closing Hours
  • Bank Branch Holidays

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Bank Sort Codes

A Sort Code is a unique number assigned to each bank in UK to identify the bank branch of the customer's account. Sort Code is unique bank and branch identifiers used in the UK. SORT Code is three pairs, six digit number.
For Example: 123456 or 12-34-56
Sort Code is must to transfer money between the banks. Sort Code is also needed to make a payment through wire transfer. Along with Sort Code, person or organization's account name and number is must to transfer the money between the bank accounts.
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What is MICR Code?

MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. MICR Code is a numeric code which uniquely identifies a bank branch participating in the ECS Credit scheme. MICR code consists of 9 digits e.g 400229128

  • First 3 digits represent the city (400229128 )
  • Next 3 digits represent the bank (400229128 )
  • Last 3 digits represent the branch (400229128)
The MICR Code allotted to a bank branch is printed on the MICR band of cheque leaves issued by bank branches. in the country. As on November 30, 2010 there are more than 72,000 RTGS enabled bank branches.
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Train Station Codes

  • Train station codes
  • Train time table
  • Trains between stations

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Postal Code

Postal code is pattern of alphanumeric used for sorting the mails. Postal code is also known as Pin Code or Zip Code. more... Click here to find Postal Code


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